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Vanessa is a Core Process Psychotherapist working in private practice. Core Process Psychotherapy is a Mindfulness based Psychotherapy that draws on Western psychodynamic theory and Eastern, primarily Buddhist, psychology. This unique synergy of East and West brings understanding and enquiry into what causes suffering in […]


Vanessa is an experienced Craniosacral Biodynamic therapist; she trained in Craniosacral Biodynamics at the Karuna Institute. Craniosacral therapy was born out of Osteopathy in the 1900’s. It is a gentle hands on bodywork that uses relational touch and deep presence to ‘listen’ to what is […]


Vanessa teaches weekly, Yoga, Breathwork and Meditation classes in Dulverton, on Exmoor National Park, Somerset and Craniosacral Therapy on Dartmoor National Park, Devon. See below for more information, descriptions and dates.