awareness based psychotherapy

Vanessa is a Core Process Psychotherapist working in private practice.

Core Process Psychotherapy is a Mindfulness based Psychotherapy that draws on Western psychodynamic theory and Eastern, primarily Buddhist, psychology. This unique synergy of East and West brings understanding and enquiry into what causes suffering in the client, and insight into what helps and hinders healing.

Through depth therapeutic work Vanessa listens and guides her clients to bring awareness to their process. To the difficulties that their past and current experience in life may be having on their sense of wellbeing, wholeness and quality of life in the present.

Whilst effective work can be achieved short term, this work is primarily a long-term commitment. Over time trust and intimacy are built in the therapeutic alliance between Vanessa and her clients and it is with this that work at depth can be explored to facilitate insight, growth and transformation.

Vanessa works emotionally, somatically and cognitively, through gentle, skillfull enquiry you will gain insight into aspects of self, belief systems and defence that have protected you, yet may bind your sense of empowerment and freedom. Work at depth has the capacity to illuminate windows into what may be holding you back in your life offering the space and possibility of moving forward.

The work is dynamic, Vanessa is warm, engaging and compassionate. She holds a state of consistent presence and non-judgment to meet you right where you are. Your commitment to therapy is respected and acknowledged; at times it can be a painful process yet ultimately it is a rewarding experience. Vanessa’s commitment to her clients is to support them in being well and in living a life of inner and outer fullness.

She provides a professional, safe and confidential relationship in which to explore your emotional and psychological wellbeing. Psychotherapy can be extremely effective if you are experiencing difficult life circumstances that are proving challenging and overwhelming to be with, these may include:

Grief, loss, divorce, separation, loneliness, illness, facing death, self esteem issues, shame, sexuality, abuse, depression, anxiety, negative thinking, addictive behaviour, anger, rage, relationship difficulties, life transitions, career changes, emotional crisis, feelings of failure, hopelessness, hitting mid-life, menopause, stress and the effects of past or present trauma.

Vanessa holds an MA in Mindfulness Based Psychotherapy from the Karuna Institute. She is accredited with the UKCP, the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapists, a member of the ACPP, the Association of Core Process Psychotherapist and is fully insured.

She works in person, on-line via Zoom and in groups. Contact her for more information and to arrange an initial consultation.

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