AWARENESS | The Hodge Centre – London and Somerset

about awareness

Vanessa works with the whole of you, in mind: thoughts, feelings, belief systems, in body: felt sensation, movement, embodiment and in breath: slowing down and being present to the movement of the breath in the body.

Together you bring awareness to what is actually happening in the present moment. Through gentle momentary enquiry, over time, the therapeutic relationship enables you to begin to shine a light on and become aware of, your belief systems, patterns and habituation. Who you are in relationship to yourself, to others, to your work and to the wider world you inhabit.

In the therapeutic relationship you are supported to bring into consciousness that which may be unconscious, becoming aware of patterns and processes that may be causing pain and difficulty in your life.

Vanessa works skilfully and mindfully in the relationship with her clients, through being present, through curiosity, through slowing processes down and through depth enquiry; bringing to life the dynamic of deep listening, in the therapeutic space between you.