June 2nd, 2015

Therapy as Art


The goal of therapy is transformation, a client seeks therapy as a motivated and mobilised move toward optimal health.

Through listening, through heart, through compassion. Through receiving, through inter-personal presence. Through the authenticity that builds trust and safety, the relationship itself orients to the whole person, this depth of awareness has the capacity to receive the client at depth and open the client toward their own inherent wholeness, to touch their core state and know their brilliant sanity.

There is, over time, a move from informaton and parts of a whole, to integration and fluidity, toward peace and ease. A move from intellect to embodiment. The therapist listens artfully through all their sensory tools, hearing, seeing, feeling vicerally, resonating, responding, they are being affected through piercing presence and attuned awareness.

Therapy is more art, than science, it is creative. A collaborative process, drawing, painting, sketching, color strands, light, dark; through these strokes available and hidden tools emerge en-mass in the forefront, to be understood, explored and enquired into. The client has the courage to enquire, to contemplate, to move through, to wade through, to breeze through, to pain through.

A process in motion forming and ceasing from one landscape to another. It is dynamic and colorful, it is an art of the senses all happening in the co-created field of the therapy room.