May 29th, 2015

Brilliant Sanity in Contemplative Psychotherapy


Brilliant Sanity, it means that who we most fundamentally are. It is our inherent nature; it is what we are no matter what we might be feeling in any particular moment. Everyone is or has brilliant sanity at their core at all times.

Brilliant sanity describes our nature, who we most basically are. We are not always in touch with it, but it is always there and available to us, it steadily and absolutely underpins our very being. It isĀ open, clear and spacious. We know when we feel it within, we have glimpses of it in our daily life but may bounce to and fro, in and out, unable to sustain a constant knowing to it’s source.

Core process psychotherapy, a form of contemplative therapy; the original mindfulness based psychotherapy (established over 30 years ago), works with this knowing at the core of it’s approach to the clients suffering. That no matter what, at depth, we are intrinsically well. And although this wellbeing may be obscured, it may be recovered through compassionate enquiry and depth therapeutic skills.

We work with a depth understanding of what helps and what hinders healing, insight and transformation.