May 21st, 2015

The Present Moment


What opens up in the pure moment of the present moment, over and over and over is un-affected, un-adulterated potential.

The pure potential that is neither clouded by future fantasy, or colored by the recent or distant past, is ever available. This pure potential is constantly underpinning our distracted mind-state. In most of our experience we are reacting to the world around us automatically and in this automation we are plagued by a convergence of both our past and our future. We rarely reside purely in a moment and experience this moment’s pure potential, simply engaging with how it is.

The beauty of clear, receptive experience is that it offers; clarity and space, an opening into perceptive potential. Understood and experienced in this way each moment is new and we are afresh in every moment, we have the potential to continually become and not be subject to the condition of who we have been and who we project ourselves to be.

We then, are not static but utterly potent and capable of renewal in each and every moment. There is pure, clear, alive, fresh and exciting potential within this creative engagement, this is mindfulness, a slowing down and a being aware of and responding to, what is actually arising in the here and now. This is discernment, choosing to experience the present moment in pure piercing awareness. This is momentary freedom from conditionality. This is actuality.