May 1st, 2015

Transformative Wisdom


An extract from ‘Embodying Your Realization, Psychological Work in the Service of Spiritual Development’, by John Welwood.

Indeed, expressing absolute true nature in a thoroughly personal, human form may be one of the most important evolutionary potentials of the cross fertilization of East and West, of contemplative and psychological understanding. Bringing these two approaches into closer dialogue may help us discover how to transform our personality in a more complete way- developing it into an instrument of higher purposes- thus redeeming the whole personal realm, instead of just seeking liberation from it.

These two convergent streams would then recognize each other as two vitally important limbs of an evolving humanity that is still moving toward realizing it’s potential as:

-the being that can open, and know itself as belonging to the universal mystery and presence that surrounds and inhabits all things, and

-the being that can embody that larger openness as human presence in the world, through it’s capacity to manifest all the deeper resources implicit in it’s nature, thus serving as a crucial link between heaven and earth, form and emptiness.