April 17th, 2015

Sitting Still

akos major waterscapes anchor

Sitting still is a precious process that we do very little of in our fast paced lifestyles. We can feel stuck or guilty if we don’t feel like we’re moving or don’t appear to be moving.

Sitting in stillness, free from doing or thinking is something we are so adverse to, maybe we are consciously or unconsciously frightened of what may come up if we stop? We spend alot of time in our minds, doing and doing and creating which is one aspect of us but there are other aspects to the mandala of our lives and all three aspects of mind, body and spirit require equal balance for optimal health.

Stillness is a wonderful way of connecting to ourselves, of being with ourselves and being with our being, rich insights and pain may arise but this is inevitable if we are to truly be with what is within. What is within is the whole span of our lives so far, our experience lives and evolves within us until death and beyond. More often than not we choose to keep running into new projects, new thoughts and new ways of being, when what may be the gold and what may be necessary, is to sit still and simply be. What are we running from?

Culturally we may not have time for this, we are busy and busy is seen as positive and results in success and success is measured externally. For me, to sit in contemplation and be still is nourishing and healthy, it allows space to the spirit aspect of my being within. It enables sensitivity, clarity and creativity to arise and this does lead to success yet measured in a different way. Measured from the inside rather than the outside.

In my experience stillness is stable, healing, potent, luxurious, all pervading, all encompassing, infinite, safe, nurturing, holding, bright, alive and full; it is not something to fear, it is something to embrace.

I have learnt that it is necessary to attend to all three aspects of body, mind and spirit to live a balanced existence, too much weight in one area will cause in-balance, agitation and disease.