April 12th, 2015

Receptive Listening


Receptive listening is when the normal or mundane mind makes a shift into seeing, perceiving, understanding and relating to human experience in quite a different way to it’s usual condition. we are receiving beyond conditioning.

There is a collective wisdom that we begin to glimpse and receive, meditation allows us to see/hear this knowing, this perception. Our perception fine tunes and widens, it softens and opens; in the everyday our gross thought MIND cuts off these channels. Developing them and allowing them to roll and run through us, we learn to receive and allow the infinite, we let go and let be and we hear without analysis or cognitive contraction, we are OPEN to what is and what we may not know.

Meditative and contemplative practices can gradually open these channels of deeper and softer perception, so too can significant and unusual life events; wilderness experience, solitude, death, illness, deep loss or retreat and spiritual experience.