July 29th, 2014

Mindfulness – present moment recollection


Mindfulness is present moment recollection.

Simple knowing by watching over the flock of thoughts, like cow herders so they don’t run off into myriad fields and scatter but rather have a wide view of the whole. Or a gate-keeper discerning who is helpful and who is not, through mindfulness we learn what is helpful and discern what leads to suffering and what leads to freedom of mind.

Releasing and relinquishing old patterns that moment to moment cause distress and bewilderment. Mindfulness teaches us to stand still in the midst of all of the developments and events in our life and it takes courage and comitment to swim against the tide.

This present moment recollection reminds us of our deepest longings for kindness, compassion, generosity, connectedness. Our capacity and genuine possibility to live with peace, live an embodied life. Our capacity for wakefulness and profound insight.

We embody our inherent resilience, well being and possibility for freedom of heart and mind.

We begin to understand – that which we repeatedly dwell upon becomes the shape of our mind.