October 31st, 2013

Primary Respiration


The wave forms above the underlying stillness.

Primary Respriration

Our primary orientation in biodynamics is to the inherent health in the human system. Health is not just about the absence of symptoms or even about a sense of wellbeing. Health, in this understanding, is present throughout life no matter what the conditional state of a person, and is never lost. In a biodynamic context we orient to this ever-present health via a perception of primary respiration and the stillness from which it arises.

In order to truly perceive health, we must make a perceptual shift to a wider and deeper field of awareness. This is an essential step in clinical work. In order to access a depth of healing process, the practitioner must be able to orient to inherent health, not just to the patterns of resistance and fixation present. Indeed, the practitioner’s principle role is to perceive primary respiration and stillness no matter what clinical circumstances are present. even in the most seemingly disoriented and chaotic patterns and pathologies, this health is ever present, maintaining the best possible balance, given the conditions present.

In this way of relating and perceiving, health is seen to be all-pervasive and eternally present. It is not a function of the physiology of the body, or of any physiological system, but, is it’s global organizing essence. Health, as Dynamic Stillness and primary respiration, interfaces with every experiential process we encounter from the moment of conception until the day we die. All stresses, including the unfolding of our genetics, are centred in some way by it’s action. In this context, it is the role of the practitioner to perceive health and to facilitate it’s expression in even the most seemingly desperate situations.

Franklyn Sills