October 1st, 2013

A freeing up


/ˈpyo͝orˌizəm / noun – scrupulous or exaggerated observance of or insistence on traditional rules or structures, esp. in language or style.

There is a new found freedom in my approach.
Whilst i respect the lineage and ancient traditions of the teachings i have received in Yoga, Meditation, Craniosacral Therapy and Psychotherapy i am free to weave all that is encompassing about what i have learnt and create my own unique approach.
The beauty of this is in unending evolution, the work evolves depending on who integrates, contemplates and proffers their way of working.
More and more i am excercising this boundlessness and claiming my own voice and empowerment as a teacher and therapist. I find this authenticates all that i have received and understood so far. A distillation and potentization is taking place.
There is never just one way this is the beauty of evolution.