February 28th, 2012

what are resources?

Resources are the aspects of a person’s make-up which support and nurture their welfare and ability to adapt to change and traumatic experience. They are strengths that a person can draw upon in threatening or dangerous circumstances. Resources are the environmental, spiritual, psychological, emotional, physical and energetic elements that support wellbeing and adaptation to stress and challenging experience.

Resources allow a person to meet the experience of life in ways that are appropriate and skilful. They can be anything that gives strength and ground to the person’s ability to move through life in ways that are fulfilling and satisfying. They ensure that he or she can meet life as it comes, deal with what arises and not become re-traumatized by their experience.

When a person experiences trauma, the quality and availability of their resources are critical. The ability to mobilize their resources may be the essential factor in determining whether traumatization occurs. It is important to realize that it is how a person perceives and experiences stressful circumstance that is important, not just the situation itself.

Resources are both external and internal. External resources include our environment and the people, places, activities and things in our life. Resources may be about how a person creates their home environment, or the friends they have and the associates they share their experiences with. They also include the therapeutic and healing work they enter into.

Internal resources are about our inner life. They are about our internalized working model of the world, our ability to feel secure and relate to others, and the nature and quality of our feelings and emotional life. They may be about inner attitude, a sense of strength, or a belief in ones ability to meet challenging conditions. Although resources are both external and internal, in essence all resources refer back to our inner process and internalized world.

Within a craniosacral biodynamic context, the most inherent resource is awareness itself. The ability to be fully present and to rest in awareness is our most fundamental resource, no matter how compromised that may be. An ability to witness ones inner and outer experience in a non-dissociated way is a key resource and skill for both therapist and client to cultivate. When a client can hold a witness consciousness as difficult thoughts, memories, images or feelings arise, then we know that the opportunity for healing is present.